Choose the Right Gas Marketer

Natural gas utilities typically offer one gas supply rate to all customers. The supply rate is based on the utility’s costs to provide gas supply service to all customers on an aggregated basis, regardless of each customer’s individual load profile or fuel requirements. Because of the way utilities recover their gas supply costs, the billing rate in any given month may not reflect actual market conditions. Purchasing gas from a marketer, like PESCO, will provide timely market pricing signals and enable you to more closely align gas purchase terms with the specific operating conditions of your business. Gas marketers, like PESCO, offer greater gas purchase options than are available from the local utility.

The ability to establish a fixed price for gas supply over a period of several months is important to many businesses. Larger customers may want the ability to re-market gas supplies or interstate pipeline capacity in excess of their requirements for a period of time. Or, you may need monthly gas usage or billing information that is not available from the local utility. Purchasing gas from a marketer puts you in control of your gas purchases.

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