Natural gas provides numerous benefits compared to alternate fuels, such as:

  • Less ExpensiveOpen or Close

    Recently, discoveries of vast new sources of domestic supply have impacted the price of natural gas significantly. Technological advances in drilling and extracting natural gas from within pockets of shale rock far below the Earth’s surface have lowered the price of natural gas to near all-time lows. This means your business can save money (both now and in the future) by switching to natural gas.

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    Natural gas is a highly reliable, domestic energy source serving over 70 million homes, businesses and industries in the United States. Almost 100% of the gas used in our country is produced in North America. Even during the historic hurricane events of 2005, gas deliveries continued for virtually all gas utility customers. Since 2005, several improvements have been made to gas production, storage and delivery systems that have enhanced delivery reliability even in the face of significant weather events.

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    Today’s commercial gas appliances and industrial equipment are technologically advanced and energy efficient. Compared to other fuels, natural gas provides significant savings in almost all applications. Commercial water heating costs can be up to 50% lower with natural gas, especially if tankless water heating equipment is selected.

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    Natural gas burns cleaner than any other petroleum-based combustion fuel. Utilizing natural gas results in substantially fewer greenhouse gas emissions than would be produced by burning fuel oil or coal. And, compared to the emissions produced during the generation of electricity, natural gas results in a lower overall carbon footprint.

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    Commercial and industrial consumers want appliances that work, with limited maintenance issues and long service lives. Gas tankless water heaters provide endless hot water for restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Gas cooking offers the precision temperature control demanded by chefs. Industrial gas equipment provides substantial environmental benefits along with lower maintenance costs.

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